About us

Our Story

Decibite started out as a crowdfunding campaign in 2015. The goal of the campaign was to offer everything internet entrepreneurs could need to launch a project. The founders continue this journey of striving to adapt, learn, and improve as technology continues to evolve.

We continue on this journey to this day as a result of our passion to help our clients achieve their dreams and grow. We hope you join us on our journey as not only a client, but a friend.

Why Us?

What do we bring to the table? Well, let us break it down for you.

Fast & Personal Tech Support

Performance Monitoring

Website Security

Server Management

One-Click Applications

Hassle-Free Billing

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Reliable Hosting

Room For Growth

Meet The Team

Put a face to a name and meet your new tech team. Here are the folk behind Decibite.

Benjamin Leavitt
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Sukenik
Operations Officer
Cedric LeVarlet

So what do you say?

Click below now to start your journey with us. Or, if you are not quite convinced yet, contact us for a free trial.