EMail | What are my options?

EMail is an ancient and archaic system. Much like our phone systems, what once made sense and was kept in order by a system of voluntarily followed protocols. Now...

The best option is to get a premium account from a premium provider. We use, manage, and recommend GSuite as both a mail and productivity system. GSuite has robust mail routing and management systems that make it a powerful but pricey tool.  You don't just get email, but a document collaboration and storage system. If you have the budget, GSuite is the way to go for your primary mailboxes.

Now a full GSuite deployment can be expensive for a large number of inboxes, and it can be overkill if you just need a simple Inbox without the added productivity tools.  To this end, we offer a few 3rd party or complicated 1st party solutions, but our recommended solution is to use cPanel.  All Decibite accounts come with a cPanel interface to help with just this sort of things. Log into your Decibite dashboard and navigate to your product page. Here you should see various EMail options including creating full email accounts, forwards, and Autoresponders.

As always please contact our support if you would like to further explore your mail options.

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If you need any assistance or have a question, please reach out to us. We can be reached in a variety of ways.

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