Getting Started::Enterprise Package

Registration Process

To get started on an Enterprise package visit our website and pick a new domain name, or enter the domain you want to transfer. If you are not sure what domain you are going to use you can scroll down our front page and click directly on Order Hosting. We can attach a temporary domain later.

Once you have picked your domain and added it to the cart, you need to add hosting. You should have an option to do this during the domain configuration. 

At this point, you can pick an existing domain that you own and this will update the nameservers for, or you can use a custom Decibite subdomain. We offer two subdomain host URL's, and (I think they are pretty cool.)

On the next page, you are shown a few options, along with the plan specs. Here you can configure your desired options. You can pick monthly or annual billing (annual includes domain registration fee), what type of support level you are looking for, or add a premium GSuite account to your package. When you have everything picked out, continue on to the payment page.

Review the items in your cart, it should include a domain if selected and the hosting in either annual or monthly form, and any add-ons you selected. You will see applicable taxes, the final total today, and the recurring fee with its term. Add any promotional codes you may have and scroll down to login or create a Decibite account. You can then pick Credit Card, PayPal, or Invoice. Credit Card and Pay Pal have instant activation where with Invoice we will contact you to arrange alternative arrangements. If you are using a 100% off promotion code you can use the Invoice payment option to circumvent any payment details on registration. 

I highly recommend you register for our newsletter. It will tell you when maintenance is occurring, we are running promotions, or if a cute cat walks past our office. Those are the most popular newsletters...

Need help?

If you need any assistance or have a question, please reach out to us. We can be reached in a variety of ways.

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