Website Backup (WordPress)

Need to Backup Your Website?

Decibite Offers Website and Web Server Backup Services. Compliments of Our Server Management Services for Decibite Web Hosting Clients.

When disaster strikes and “excrement hits the fan,” you need a recovery plan.

Decibite gives you peace of mind by creating a custom backup plan to fit your website’s needs.

Having a backup website is mission critical to your security. Do you want to bleed traffic and cash as you try to reconstruct your site from Wayback Machine or from memory?

Look. Nearly every web host worth their salt allows you to backup your website. It’s that important. In this respect, we’re no different than the competition.


If you answered “No” to one of these five questions, that needs to change before disaster strikes.

You can choose to do everything yourself. Or you can let Decibite take care of backing up your website for you. Switch your web hosting to Decibite and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

By the way, here are our answers to the five questions above:

Other Decibite Features Related to Website Backup

Free SSL Certificate

Decibite installs your SSL certificate to protect your website visitors’ information. And we auto-magically renews your web security certificate for free so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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  • Safe.

Blacklist Removal

Decibite’s tech team understands the ins-and-outs of hacker attacks and malware which lands you on a blacklist. They’ll find the problem, fix the issue, and restore your website.

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  • Secure.

Website Recovery

Let Decibite perform your website recovery so you can get back to growing your website.

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  • Managed.

Need Some Help?

We are available to help you with whatever you need. If you have any questions about our offerings you can contact us through email, phone, or live chat.