About Decibite

Decibite is the hosting arm of Negative0 Information Services Incorporated, a IT services group based in Calgary Alberta. Decibite started with a crowdfunding campaign early 2015 with the idea of providing hosting in a new ownership model based on housing, but it seems the world wasn't ready yet. (MSG us if you want more deets!)

The Decibite team boasts decades of experience in the industry having started Negative0 as a free Webhost in the early 2000's. Having the luxury of being based in Canada, we pride ourselves as a company which is able to operate under a privacy focused environment, allowing us to guarantee a monitoring free service to our clients.

Our list of services

Domain & DNS

The domain is a critical part of your brand and you need it managed properly. Decibite provides full DNS and Domain Registratation services so you can manage everything in one place.

SSL Encryption

HTTPS and other online encryption is now mandatory. With SSL certificates included with all domains your data, and that of your visitors is safe from snooping eyes.


cPanel is an industry leading way to manage shared hosting. Combining security with ease of use cPanel makes managing a website easier than eating potato soup!

Premium EMail

All Shared packages include basic e-mail, but we also offer premium E-Mail servers ranging from $1/month to $5/month. Pick what is right for your project.

Linux Images

Want to try a project on a VPS but don't want to setup a server? We support Bitnami, Turnkey, and other platform based linux images to get you going in no time!

Bare Unmanaged Custom VPS

Are you a DIY enthusiast? We can build a packge tailored to your exact needs. No monitoring, no logging, no management, just a turbo powered cat cannon at your fingertips.

Managed Hosting

Not tech-savvy? Not sure where to begin, or even worse you do? Decibite offers full management services through Negative0. Check out our Get a Guy/Gal campaign for the latest deals!

Canadian Business

Canadian's pride themselves on a good international image and we like to think we embolden those values. Fair dealings, personal care, quality service, good beer: our Canadian Values.

Never Locked In

Anual billing without the lockin. While we preffer to bill annually for simplicity, you are never locked in. We will refund down to the hour if you are unsatisfied, and fully assist in any migrations. If you love something, set it free :)

Plan Details

Terms of services

All dealings must be entered in Good Faith. Good Faith being defined here as not deliberately withholding any information that you believe would impact the deal, or knowingly withholding activities you believe could impact our ability to provide service.

We reserve the rights to suggest modifications to the hosting plan, should the resources call for it. In the event suggestions are not accepted or an acceptable alternative proposed, Decibite can restrict plans and terminate services. All terminations will receive notice and migration assistance under the good faith dealings clause. If you are concerned about how we handle terminations and suspension of accounts please contact support and we will develop a custom notification and suspension procedure that works for you.

30 Day Guarantee

Decibite offers an ongoing 30 day refund on all hosting services. A guaranteed refund for the last 30 days of hosting services provided by Decibite. If you pay annually we provide pro-rated refunds for account credit that will include the 30 day refund. We will never lock you in, preferring to work with you to find the best resolution for you.

Interruption of Service

Decibite is able to maintain a consistent 99.9% uptime for shared and managed services. (But, we’re are pushing for 99.99%) If you feel we are not meeting that commitment please contact support so we can reassess your needs.

Service Impacting Events

For that 0.01% of the time, we make an effort to minimize any scheduled or unscheduled service impacting events. Rest assured, when faced with such an event we escalate and monitor matters with as much anger and determination as can be found in a mid level provider! Should we need to schedule maintenance we try to provide notice of up to one week.

Payment Process

We like to bill in advance, preferably annually. This is not to lock anyone in, but to streamline the process. (read: techy with an aversion to accounting) That being said, monthly billing is available for all packages. We ask that invoices be paid within 7 days of receipt unless otherwise stipulated, we follow up on unpaid invoices in 14 days.

Decibite Support

Our support staff work on a Best Effort basis, offering more robust SLA for high traffic/support through our parent company Negative0. See our Get A Guy/Get A Gal campaign for more information.