You're in Good Company

"With Decibite, they personally handled our account and gave us exceptional response time and thorough help. The difference has been night and day."

Mark Baker, CoFounder of

"The site is quick, stable, and if I have ideas I don't know how to implement, they figure it out for me. Decibite is the first company I've ever felt there was a real relationship."

Peter G, Founder of

How does Decibite offer hosting optimized for traffic, speed, and security?

By offering free services the other guys charge $110/month for...

Precise Traffic Surge protection

Expecting a traffic surge from a product launch or a viral post? Give us a heads up and we'll take care of it for you.

Decibite uses monitoring tools and resources to help you weather the hardiest of storms and keep all your traffic.

Blazin' Fast Speeds

A one-second delay on your site will cost you 7% of sales, 11% fewer pageviews, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Faster speeds means better conversions. Better conversions = money in da' bank!


Decibite provides zero-hassle maintenance, site scrubs, and timely security fixes, all at no cost to you.

Whether you are fighting malicious hackers, spam, or malware, we've got your back.

Affordable Pricing

Small business services should be affordable for small businesses. But not at the cost of performance.

Clients who switch to Decibite typically save 30%-68% every month off their web hosting bill.

Quick and Personal, 24/7 Support

Got a problem? Decibite will handle it for you. Because you deserve the care and protection you need, 24/7.


Shared Hosting

Starting at $7/Month

Optimized for 10,000 views/month

With personal customization, we've taken extra measures to beef up your shared hosting to make it faster and more secure than the average budget shared hosting package. Best for those on a budget.

Great for casual bloggers and startups waiting to launch.


Starting at $25/Month

Optimized for 250,000 views/month

With a VPS, you can have your own customized system tuned precisely to your websites needs.

Created for serious bloggers, eCommerce sites, and growing startups in mind.

Dedicated Processor

Starting at $80/Month

Optimized for 5,000,000 views/month

Security with a dedicated processor is very high. Like visiting royalty high. The likelihood of anyone affecting you is virtually nil.

Optimal for big eCommerce stores, mature startups, or those looking for extra security.

*Higher traffic limits upon request

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