Why Choose Decibite?

Why should you choose Decibite Cloud Hosting?

Good question. In short: Decibite will help you make your website faster. Faster web hosting means:

More delighted customers.

More organic traffic (SEO).

More conversions (CRO).

Want to know the long answer? Keep reading…

Which web hosting platform is best for you?

We won’t lie. We’re probably pretty biased about this question. But here are five reasons other entrepreneurs and professional bloggers like you chose Decibite over the competition.

  1. Fast Web Hosting
  2. Personalized Tech Support
  3. Website Performance Monitoring
  4. Website Security
  5. Server Management

1. Fast Web Hosting

Not all web hosting servers are created equal.

When you go for a ride in a sports car, it’s easy to accelerate from 0-to-60 in 4.2 seconds. It’s not so easy in a Fiat 500, taking 11.3 seconds.

Our performance team customizes your setup so you’ll get blazing fast speeds. By using world-class servers and CPUs, we make sure your website won’t be eating your competitor’s dust.

Fast web hosting improves the customer’s experience on your website. This is so critical, fast web hosting is one SEO factor Google confirmed is a search ranking factor. [1]

Further, faster web hosting will improve your sales conversions as customers do not want to wait for a slow website. [2]

Sure, fast web hosting can’t save a bad business. But slow loading times will turn your website from a sales machine into a clunky rust-heap. All else being equal, speed is your edge against competitors.

We’re so confident you’ll get faster speeds, we guarantee you’ll experience 15% or faster website load times.

What happens if I do not get 15% faster load times switching to Decibite?

A guarantee feels like sales-y business-speak if we did not put our money where our mouth is.

Here is what you’ll get if you do not get 15% or faster load times:

  1. We’ll pay to transfer you back to your old host.
  2. We’ll refund your money.
  3. We’ll give you six months free at Decibite.

If we cannot give you faster hosting, you can choose one or all three of these options.

1 - Singhal, Amit, and Matt Cutts. "Using Site Speed in Web Search Ranking." Google Webmaster Central Blog. April 09, 2010. Accessed April 30, 2019.

2 - Nah, Fiona Fui-Hoon. "A Study on Tolerable Waiting Time: How Long Are Web Users Willing to Wait?" Accessed April 30, 2019.

2. Free Website Performance Monitoring

Nobody likes the sinking feeling from their website crashing. And since you’re busy on other projects, potential customers leave your site in droves with a dreadful taste in their mouth.

But what if someone monitored your site to make sure it was always in tip-top shape?

Decibite goes the extra mile by monitoring for potential issues before they happen. Once we receive a notification, we take action before there’s an issue.

With Decibite in your corner, we’ll fight for you to get:

  1. Traffic surge protection. So when your product launches, you’re site will be safe and sound.
  2. Higher website uptime. We built our servers to some of the highest standards to keep your website running longer. And with performance monitoring, we’ll get notified immediately when something odd happens. Then the tech team gets to work getting your site running as smooth as butter in no time.
  3. Improved page speeds. Every page on your website loads at different speeds. If we notice a page underperforming, we’ll work with you to optimize its speed.

3. Free Personalized Tech Support

You have a business to run. So do you want to spend your time learning how to run and maintain a server? Or would you rather outsource your technical headache to professionals?

Decibite’s pro-active website performance monitoring allows us to stop problems before they happen. But it’s impossible to catch every single issue beforehand. This is when personalized tech support feels like a breath of fresh air.

At Decibite, the tech guy you talk to knows you on a business level. So much so, customers sometimes tell us we’re almost like another founding member. When you explain the problem, your technician knows the trouble you’re experiencing and what to do next.

So when your website is down, you won’t need to wait forever to talk to a person who knows less about hosting than you do.

This gives you the freedom to work more on your business than in your business.

4. Free Website Security

Your website is at risk.

I’m not saying this to scare you. But the reality is, on average there is an attack every 39 seconds on the web. [4] That’s about 809,152 attacks a year!

With the average cost per attack at $117,000 for small businesses and $1.3 million for enterprise organizations, you can’t afford to skimp on your security. [5]

Thankfully, Decibite does a lot of heavy lifting for you. Our security team will help you by:

  1. Automatically backing up your website in the event something were to happen.
  2. Improving customer security with a free SSL certificate which automatically renews.
  3. Using the latest website firewalls to keep destructive attacks away from your website.
  4. Updating and protecting your website to make it near impossible for hackers to get in.
  5. Scanning your website for viruses and malware which may harm your customers.
  6. Removing any viruses or malware that infect your website.
  7. Recovering your website if it crashes or needs a reboot.

4 - Cukier, Michel. Study: Hackers Attack Every 39 Seconds. University of Maryland, 9 Feb. 2007.

5 - “IT Security: Cost Center or Strategic Investment?” Kaspersky Lab, 2018

5. Free Server Management

All hardware requires routine service to make sure everything runs smoothly. The same is true with your web server.

Server maintenance includes tasks like:

  1. Setting up the server.
  2. Configuring the server.
  3. Installing the software.
  4. Updating the server.
  5. Updating the software.
  6. Checking the server for issues.
  7. Increasing server security.
  8. Increasing server reliability.
  9. Protecting data from hackers.
  10. Setting up security patches.

Server maintenance comes at a cost to you either in time or money.

The time you spend on your server is time you cannot use to grow your business. Let’s say you assign an employee to do the work at $25 an hour. Just five hours a month becomes $1,500/year.

So it’s no surprise web hosts charge $360-$1,500/year for server management.

How is Decibite able to offer this service for free?

Since 2015, the tech team has invested over 1,000 hours into creating automated systems. This means you get the peace-of-mind your enterprise competitors get, without the cost of hiring a dedicated developer operations (DevOps) team.

Three Golden Guarantees

Without a doubt, you will get more value with Decibite than what you’ll pay. So much so, we’re putting our money where our mouth is with three guarantees.

If we don’t, you can use any (or all) of these three options:

  1. We’ll pay to transfer you back to your old host.
  2. We’ll refund your money.
  3. We’ll give you six months free at Decibite.

* A website can go down outside of our control. For example, if you hire a bad programmer who crashes your site, no web host can stop this from happening. We measure uptime by subtracting the time your server is down.

Is Decibite Right For You?

If you can answer “yes” to at least three of these questions, Decibite is perfect for you:

  1. Do you want to remove the technical headaches of web hosting once and for all?
  2. Are you someone who gets the value of having an outsource systems administrator on your team?
  3. Are you new to creating a website and want to make sure you do it right the first time?
  4. Do you value personalized service from someone who feels like a member of your team?
  5. Are you looking forward to owning a faster website to delight your customers?
  6. Do you spend too much time working on issues with our competitors, or doing it all by yourself?
  7. Are you willing to give Decibite a try to see how we will improve your hosting, or get a full refund?

If so, click the button below to start the process to a faster website.

So, What Would You Like to Do Next?

We get switching to a new web host can feel scary. After all, the way you make money and bring home the bacon is on the line.

You have two options. You can either…

Join the Decibite fam and get faster hosting while outsourcing your technical headaches.

Or you can click the “X” button up top and keep searching for cheap hosts with slow and unreliable loading times.

So can you do that for me? Can you make a choice?

And we get it. No one is 100% confident, 100% of the time.

But all you need is 3 minutes of feeling “confident enough” to start your journey to a delightful hosting experience.

We look forward to meeting you on the other side.