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Free SSL Certificate

Want to Protect Your Website Visitors’ Information With an SSL Certificate?

Get a Free SSL (HTTPS) Certificate to Increase Your Website Security. Compliments of Our Server Management Services for Decibite Web Hosting Clients.

Decibite installs your SSL certificate to protect your website visitors’ information. And we auto-magically renews your web security certificate for free so you don’t have to do it yourself.

In 2014, a non-profit called Let’s Encrypt was formed.

Their mission was simple: To provide free encrypted SSL certificates to everyone on the World Wide Web. Let’s Encrypt officially launched on April 2016.

Three years later and web hosts are still charging you every year for a product that is now free.

As a part of our commitment to faster web security, Decibite not only offers free SSL certificates, we install and renew your SSL certificate for you.

Without Decibite’s help, you will have to manually install your SSL into your server. This takes roughly 10 minutes if you do everything correct. If not, it takes however much time for you to read and fix the broken code.

That’s one less technical headache off your plate.

Decibite Cloud Hosting Features

Bot Protection

Decibite’s technical support team will let good bots and humans in, while keeping bad bots out.

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  • Safe.

Website Firewall

A website firewall is an excellent way to protect your website and keep your site speeds in tip-top shape.

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  • Secure.

Website Malware Removal

What happens in the unlikely event a virus or hacker makes it through Decibite’s ironclad defense grid? We get to work removing any malware that infects your website.

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  • Managed.

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