Decibite Cloud Hosting

High Performance Hosting

Looking For Fast Hosting to Speed Up Your Website?

A Fast Website Starts With High-Performance Hosting. Compliments of Our Server Management Services for Decibite Web Hosting Clients.

Are you looking for unrivaled hosting speed, uptime, and scalability as your website grows?

Decibite specializes in fast web hosting and guarantees 15% or faster load times with our high-performance hosting.

We’re confident you’ll experience faster hosting because our high-performance hosting is second-to-none.

How will Decibite provide me faster hosting?

Decibite begins by finding out about your website and technical needs. (And don’t worry if you're unsure what you need, we’ve got your back).

Our high-performance hosting starts by our high-performance hardware. Even for our smallest customer, we:

  1. Improve your website performance with page load optimization.
  2. Compact and reduce slow-loading page resources with page caching.
  3. Watch and upgrade your load speeds with performance monitoring.
  4. Improve your server’s processing speeds with enterprise-grade central processing units (CPUs).
  5. Increase your data storage retrieval speeds with high-powered solid state drives (SSDs).
  6. Accelerate your data processing speeds with modern, HD random access memory (RAM).
  7. Expedite your browser storage speeds with dynamic local web storage.
  8. Improve your networking speeds with over 1,000 megabits per second connections.

Decibite also doesn’t allow any random stranger off the street to use our service. We vet every web hosting client to reduce your risk of becoming infected with malware. With our proactive performance monitoring, we’re able to catch bad clients fast, whether they’re on or outside our servers.

Finally, Decibite takes a holistic approach to upgrading and improving your technology. Today’s DSL connection becomes tomorrow’s dial-up. Decibite is quick to test, vet, and adopt new hardware to increase your speeds and harden your security.

Decibite Cloud Hosting Features

Page Caching

Page caching is like your brain’s memory for your website. When set up correctly, your web host will return information immediately.

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  • Fast.

Load Optimization

Decibite’s technical support team optimizes your website’s load speed by customizing your hosting experience.

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  • Smart.

Performance Monitoring Tools

Performance monitoring allows Decibite to keep your website up-to-date, blazing fast, and runs buttery smooth.

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  • Managed.

Need some help?

We are available to help you with whatever you need. If you have any questions about our offerings you can contact us through email, phone, or live chat.