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Looking For Performance Monitoring to Make Sure Your Website Stays Blazing Fast?

Keeping Your Website Fast Starts With Performance Monitoring. Compliments of Our Server Management Services for Decibite Web Hosting Clients.

Does the success of your website depend on:

  1. More traffic?
  2. More email subscribers and leads?
  3. More profit?

Performance monitoring allows Decibite to keep your website up-to-date, blazing fast, and runs buttery smooth.

Decibite optimizes your website’s performance on many levels. Here are five specific ways we optimize your website:

  1. Reducing your time to first byte to improve search rankings. Zoompf published a study on Moz on how time to first byte (TTFB) relates to search ranking.[1] In the study, there was a clear correlation between a faster TTFB and a higher search engine rank. Per the study’s recommendation, we optimize your website so its TTFB is under 500 ms. And we keep your roundtrip network latency to 100 ms or less.
  2. Presentation optimization. After your TTFB, your site needs to send enough data so there’s something to show on the page. In simple terms, getting your design to appear. In addition to page caching, we use lazy loading, compression, and placeholders.
  3. Application optimization. The application layer is often slowest to load. This is where your website creates the most server requests. Most of how we optimize your application also applies to your presentation optimization. And while we do not optimize your code, we offer suggestions to increase your speed.
  4. Data optimization. The data layer is where you store your information. To increase your data speed, we invest in the fastest disk technology. This will also improve your application and presentation speeds too.
  5. 3rd party integrations. Ah, you are a need-for-speed junky. Excellent, we love the adrenaline rush too. Whether you need a CDN, a load balance proxy, or whatever else will super-charge your website, we’re happy to make the right recommendations at no charge.

[1] Hoffman, Billy. “Improving Search Rank by Optimizing Your Time to First Byte.” Moz, n.d.

Decibite Cloud Hosting Features

Page Caching

Page caching is like your brain’s memory for your website. When set up correctly, your web host will return information immediately.

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  • Fast.

Load Optimization

Decibite’s technical support team optimizes your website’s load speed by customizing your hosting experience.

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  • Smart.

High Performance Hosting

Decibite specializes in fast web hosting and guarantees 15% or faster load times with our high-performance hosting.

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  • Managed.

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