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Server Management

Want Someone to Manage Your Servers While You Grow Your Website?

Decibite Offers Free Server Management Services for Their Web Hosting Clients.

You want everything with your website to “just work.”

Perhaps you feel so detached from the technical side, you may not even understand what goes behind the scenes.

Think of your website like your car. You don't need to know how the car works, but you need it to work. Want to experience the joy of a smooth-running website without the technical headache?

Then you need server management.

What will Decibite’s server management services do for me?

Server management is Decibite’s bread-and-butter. The Decibite tech team lives and breathes server management.

Our goal is to partner with you to take your technical problems off your plate. This way, you can focus almost exclusively on growing your business or blog.

Here’s what Decibite’s server management team does for you behind the scenes:

Fast Web Hosting

  1. We create a fast hosting environment to speed up your website with high-performance hosting.
  2. We optimize your website speeds with page caching and load optimization.
  3. We make sure your website stays blazing fast with performance monitoring.

Fast Website Security

  1. We increase your website visitor’s security with free SSL certificates.
  2. We reduce malware, hacking, and virus infections by taking care of critical updates for you.
  3. We eliminate the majority of malware, hacking, and virus infections with three website firewalls.
  4. We detect and neutralize automated threats with bot protection.
  5. In the unlikely event your website gets infected, we remove any malware or virus.

Fast Website Support

  1. To restore your website when it crashes, we backup your website automatically and recover your site for you.
  2. If your website becomes infected, we remove your website from every blacklist.
  3. We minimize your server scaling problems by creating custom server setups to fit your needs.

Non-technical entrepreneurs won’t worry about hardware problems.

Developers won’t worry about resource problems.

And DevOps won’t worry about scalability problems.

Boom. Problem solved.

What level of server management can I expect with each hosting package?

Yes, Decibite does not force you to pay for “priority support” to get the help you need. But different hosting packages gives us more freedom to serve you better.

Here is the level of server management you can expect from Decibite for each package:

Business Hosting

Decibite’s business hosting fits 70% of use cases.

You receive industry-standard hosting with moderate custom upgrades.

Need more flexibility or security? There’s a limit what we offer on your server hardware. Yet our server management team for business hosting has the same skill and care as our enterprise hosting plan.

And if you need to improve your flexibility or security beyond the business host plan, we’d be happy to recommend outside services which we integrate seamlessly for you.

VPS Hosting

When your website gets more traffic or needs more security and flexibility, the VPS plan is right for your business.

With business hosting, we customize the server to fit most customer needs.

But with VPS, we are able to customize your server to your specific needs.

As a result, we install only what your website needs and nothing more. We tune your VPS to your specific needs.

Enterprise Package

If your website goes down for an hour every year, how much revenue would you lose?

While Decibite’s VPS hosting beats industry-standards, there is a single point of failure. With Enterprise hosting, we can spread the load across many machines so your website virtually never goes down.

Don’t want to share your infrastructure with anyone like Rolex? Simple.

Looking to increase your hardware and data speeds? You got it.

Want to combine services from multiple cloud hosts? No problem-o.

Whatever your situation, we’re happy to create a custom plan to make sure you succeed.

Decibite Cloud Hosting Features

Free SSL Certificate

Decibite installs your SSL certificate to protect your website visitors’ information. And we auto-magically renews your web security certificate for free so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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  • Secure.

Website Backup

Having a backup website is mission critical to your security. Do you want to bleed traffic and cash as you try to reconstruct your site from Wayback Machine or from memory?

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  • Safe.

Website Recovery

Things happen at the most inconvenient times, we understand. Let Decibite perform your website recovery so you can get back to growing your website.

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  • Managed.

Need some help?

We are available to help you with whatever you need. If you have any questions about our offerings you can contact us through email, phone, or live chat.