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We keep your website online, secure, and fast! Some days it feels like a full-time job.

Get exactly what you need today, and the support to grow beyond tomorrow.

Domain Name

A website starts with the domain. It's the anchor keeping your e-ship secure and agile. Whether it's registration, Nameservers, SSL Certificates, or anything in between, we've got your back. Let our root goblins lay anchor, or some other such nonsense.


Whatever your project may be, our service has the space and power you need. Just bring us the files and sequence database, and let us wangle it so you don't have to. Fully integrated with the user friendly cPanel interface, you can easy to keep track of your projects.


Security should be seen and not heard, or so our clients keep saying. Every website is different and we are ready to tailor your security plan specifically to your needs. Let's have a conversation! Our default configuration is also pretty good. Firewalls and Backups and Bears oh MY!

Decibite offers the tools to manage all this yourself, or if needed, a dedicated team that is happy to work with you every step of the way.

Dance Cat


"Do you accepts bits of string?"


$50/yr CAD

Everything you need to get off the ground. Domain registration linked to a shared LAMP server with cPanel. Designed to be affordable overkill for most projects. See chart below for resource guidelines. We're pretty flexible if you're cool. R U Kewl?


$150/yr CAD

A VPS is the starting point for any serious project. With extra flexability a VPS can scale to hundreds or thousands of concurrent visitors, and when you are ready provides the first brick for an enterprise configuration.


$750+/yr CAD

Flexibility, security, and fun. Our cloud is small enough we can manage cattle like kittens. How can I put that better? If each VPS is an animal, ours are kittens. Kittens need cuddles and love. We love our kittens, well, your kittens, but really they are still our kittens.

  Starter VPS Enterprise
cPanel Management ×
Supported Diskspace 0GB – 50GB 50GB – 1TB
Included Bandwidth 200GB 250GB 1024GB
root Access ×
Production Management × ×
Annual Tariff $50 CAD $150+ CAD $750+ CAD

*Additional project support is available through Negative0

Case Studies

We work with many inspiring professionals and hobbyists. We absolutely love an interesting project.
Let's talk, tell us what you are working on.

Mark Baker


A thriving community of thousands, all waiting for the latest email.

Gail Stamp

New Earth Expo

An active exposition with explosive traffic!

Chales Dobie

RCN History

An evolving moment of unique times in Canadian history.

Story So Far

A long, long time ago, in a forum not-too-far away, Decibite found it’s beginnings under a different name, Negative0.

  • 2002 - 2004

    The Basement Years

    The beginnings couldn’t be humbler as Ben began this endeavor from his basement. Our first website promised "we will impruve our site to be more useful later."

    What was lacking in web presence was made up for in community engagement. As a free host, our forum was lit AF and the struggle to keep up was real.

  • 2004 - 2008

    Almost a Real Deal

    Out of the basement fire and into the datacenter - our server bounced from home to home after our ISP gave us the boot. Eventually Ben got a job in a datacenter that got stuff really rolling. This was the beginning of a love for virtualization - first as a user, then as a provider.

  • 2009 - 2014

    Changing Gears

    A partnership with the accelerator Futurpreneur launched our company into corporatehood, allowing for the purchasing of more servers, and more datacenter space. This is when the founders started to really put their education and experience to work.

  • 2015

    Age of Decibite

    This is the year that Negative0 and Decibite became separate entities. Decibite started out as a crowdfunding campaign offering everything internet entrepreneurs could need to launch a project. The founders continue this journey of striving to adapt, learn, and improve as technology continues to evolve.

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