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Here is a list of stuff we are good at, but basically we keep code and websites live and always online.

Package Essentials

Decibite managed hosting takes care of everything your website needs to be fast and resilient. Here are some of the many benefits included with every package.

DNS Management

A website starts with the domain, and DNS should never be a problem. Nameserver management is one of those boring things that you should never need to think about until you do. DNS is as loved in the IT world as printers and for similar reasons. SSL Certificates, CDN, anyting that touches your domain, we manage this mundanely critical layer.

Managed Services with 99.9% Up Time SLA

You need your website online. It is the most important part of hosting. We work with you to create an environment that is as reliable as you need. Starting at 99.9% service and network uptime all our plans keep your code online with rock solid fully managed infrastructure.

Free SSL

This is the decade of encryption. HTTPS and secure web went from a nice to have to a must. Rather than being tethered to annual renewal fees similar to domains, SSL certificates are now free and auto-renewed.

Hassle Free Billing

On the list of reasons for downtime missing an invoice feels like an easy fix. We trust you will be with us for a while so we are slow to disconnect for missed invoices. All domains will be renewed and all services operational until we have reached out to our account contacts. This is an unexpected source of downtime far too often.

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You can be assured that you are getting the best of the best when you host with us

Small Town Feel

Or maybe a large office? Back when the web was new you mingled with maybe a few hundred other users on a chat node. You recognized people's names and knew a top poster from a troller. We are that quirky guy who is always game to fix your computer for a beer, and has WAY too many computers in the basement.

Practically Paranoid

When it comes to uptime everything is a liability. With decibite you benefit from our wild imagination where we spend our time dreaming about what can go wrong. We are practically paranoid enough to cover your project with as many layers of protection as you need. We can dive down this rabbit hole as deep as you want to go and live our best lives while preparing.

Fast & Reliable Managed Hosting

Every project is a little different. Much like a burrito no two WordPress sites are the same. We provide flexible infrastructure and support to make whatever is in your burrito run reliably fast. The starter package is a great food cart, and when you are ready for a meal a VPS frees you to feast. The enterprise package moves you 5 star dining. No single point of failure with 100% uptime when done right. No heartburn either.

Technical Human Touch

While not always instantly recognized as such our technical experts are real humans! We lean on the technical side but do our best to communicate the important information in the most accessible ways. If you know your stack and want to chat we can go on for days. If you would rather just sticking to the results and keeping the technical jargon to a minimum, we can only try our best.

Frequently Asked Questions

So much to go over, but we need to start somewhere.

  • Decibite (the name) is a play on the base 10 and the base8 bit/byte block (bitE - Get it!? ... I think I’m clever.). In our crowdfunding campaign, we started offering an ownership model where you would actually own 1/10th of the server, but we couldn’t quite figure out the details. We try to keep as much of the ownership philosophy as we can.

  • Cash... Canadian colocation (and communication in general) can be expensive. We found a competitive deal out of Montreal and got started. Five+ years on it has worked out beautifully. We plan to expand into Europe (France/Netherlands) and the even more exotic locations of... Alberta and Saskatchewan!

  • All Decibite plans are fully managed, providing support and configuration assistance for most standard application stacks. Our shared server is a LAMP stack powered by cPanel but few limits exist for VPS packages. Contact support for specifics on your case. Change requests will be reasonably accommodated but could impact support levels available.

  • At Decibite we own our own cloud, and that dramatically reduces starting costs (yes, even now!). We have a great deal on colocation and bandwidth so with automation our overhead is low enough we can focus on personal support.

  • Starter and VPS plans start with a 99.9% uptime guarantee with a 10% refund on monthly fee for each hour of downtime suffered in a given month. Enterprise packages start at 99.95% uptime and work towards 100% as we complement the stock cluster with additional compute support.

  • Did I mention all plans are managed and fully supported? Unmanaged providers offer limited support for your application and underlying technology stack. Proper management of your technology stack can cost hundreds per month. We benefit by owning our own cloud but are platform agnostic and will utilize a multi-cloud approach picking the best solution for the project and application at hand. Our hybrid multi-cloud DevSysSecOps approach can protect your project with a multi-node multi-provider resilient, fast, smart infrastructure that would survive half the continent being obliterated. If that sounds like a bit much we can also get you running on our cloud with a fully managed technology stack, copying your existing project from its current home. We are with you every step of the way with exactly the right software and setup. No worry, and no fuss, all technical levels supported.

  • Your technology stack is often all the applications and services that your website or creation rely upon. For example, this website relies upon a LEMP stack (Linux Nginx MariaDB PHP). These services work together to provide a server operating system, Web server, Database, and application language. Each is critical to the proper operation of your website, and each requires updates along with proper monitoring, benchmarking, security testing, and general awareness. An error or degradation in performance can come from anywhere and having these underlying technologies tuned properly and updated is critical. We offer all the advice, planning, and maintenance your project needs included in every play we offer. Application firefighting may cost extra, but anything and everything that has to do with the underlying technology stack we are here to support for you.

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