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Calgary, Canada


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About Us

A long, long time ago, in a forum not-too-far away, Decibite found it’s beginnings under a different name, Negative0.

Your Neighbourhood Hosters

From the basement years to the "Age of Decibite"

2002 - 2004: Basement Years

The beginnings couldn’t be humbler as Ben began this endeavor from his basement. Our first website promised "we will improve our site to be more useful later." What was lacking in web presence was made up for in community engagement. As a free host, our forum was lit AF and the struggle to keep up was real.

2004 - 2008: Almost a Real Deal

Out of the basement fire and into the datacenter. For a while our server bounced from home to home after our ISP gave us the boot. Eventually Ben got a job in a datacenter that got stuff really rolling. This was the beginning of a love for virtualization - first as a user, then as a provider.

2009 - 2014: Changing Gears

A partnership with the accelerator Futurpreneur launched our company into corporatehood, allowing for the purchasing of more servers, and more datacenter space. This is when the founders started to really put their education and experience to work.

2015 - present: Age of Decibite

This is the year that Negative0 and Decibite became separate entities. Decibite started out as a crowdfunding campaign offering everything internet entrepreneurs could need to launch a project. The founders continue this journey of striving to adapt, learn, and improve as technology continues to evolve.

Leadership Team

Something inspirational and confidence inspiring. Exactly the right text to make you feel we are the right guys for the job. Damn, we’re good at this.

Ben Leavitt

Systems Architect

Cedric LeVarlet


Jordan Sukenik

Operations Officer